Take a look at the new girl

Yeah, it feels good to work on a new girl in 3 months. I’ve been practically all in on the VR comic for a while.

I’m not recycling the old sexual poses here (It’ll make it harder for me, but I’m tired of the old animations, I don’t want any more labors on them) I’ll only reuse bubble shooting part (it’s like the trademark of this game series), and sexual poses will be a new bondage poses

Most of Leifang voices from this video

Most of the Leifang voices are from this video. Some talks are from akiho yoshijawa,asuka kirara,Sakuya Yua,Miku Ohashi …

Not brushed up on my JAV library for a long time???? Actually, I don’t feel it matters because most of the Japanese AVs girls’ voices are almost alike ????

But, it’s time to replace those sex voices as opportunities arise. Recently I’ve found that VR AVs have much cleaner audios, because male actors completely shut up in VR AVs ???? (for better immersions probably)