Web Gallery Beta Open


Enlarge the Oculus Browser from top to bottom when you watch this.


Despite my intentions, Body Share is used for screenshots. Body Share has three opener buttons, Screenshot has only one. 🤔🤔  That could be one of the factor.

But it’s no problem. It’s up to the users.

It will be super if this is implemented in VRporn considering its user base… I talked to them, but I haven’t heard anything for days.

Screenshot Gallery Online

This feature is online on all Free Games.

This feature has no requirement of body change, has a better image quality. By all means, this is a better way to upload images.

Tips to get a better screenshot
1. Check the capture box.
2. Move closer to the character!
3. Left eye image is taken.

If you take a screenshot from your comfortable distance, the character will look too small.

Screenshot Assist on Dance contents

Poses on dance contents are very nice, but those are difficult to capture. I’ve added this menu for it. Especially the “Single Frame” movement buttons will be helpful.


There’ll be a web gallery page to browse user images.  An old friend of mine is working on that.

Body share and user screenshot will be more useful when we have the web gallery.

Color change of Lips,Areola,Nipple,Pussy,Eye Whites

This feature is being updated on every VR hands.

It seems I covered everything now ?

*Just in case anyone asks, asshole has turned out impossible for color change. A structural problem of my previous works.

I’ll see what I can do about the asshole in the Succubus.

Succubus Mouth Gag Bondage

I’ve looked for several ‘bed tied sex’.  In most of the videos, the girl looked too comfortable, not looked like really bonded at all.  But this one looks genuinely bonded.

This is the result.

Probably I could add some licking and slapping to spice this up. I’ll consider that when I work on the story parts.  For now, I’m filling the sex loops.

*Now I have shower sex and kitchen sex to make.  If any of you suggest a position, I can make one more.