Pubic Hair option

I’ve looked up the stock resources.  I could only find the pubic hairs for the upper part. I figured some of you would ask for the lower part, too.  So I did some copy and editing jobs to plant hairs on the lower part.

You can change its color and alpha. Let’s see what you guys come up with this.

One problem is that this is made of polygons. It may look decent up close, but you’ll see a heavy aliasing (or say flickering) effect far away. It’s an option. Default is OFF.

Aida Collection and all VR Hand Revolution full  and demo versions are updated.

Anyone know this feature in Aida Collection?

The aim is a complete mess.   I don’t know about its practicality, but it has some humorous value, at least.

This feature was derived from the stroke detection of VR Hand Revolution. It shows how erratic the human movement is.

It is very difficult to create any useful UI from hand tracking. I personally think the VR Hand Revolution is a miraculous discovery (or should I say invention?).