Organizing Body Shares (testing)

New filters are being tested on all free games.

Updated filters are like this

Browse Filters (these are used to narrow down lists)
1.Matching Games
2.Matching Characters
3.My Uploads
4.Exclude Anonymous
5.Nickname (web gallery only)

Sort by
2. Recent
3. Recommendation (an internal score is automatically calculated)

  • Recommendation sort is still in the experimental phase.
  • If I see a frequent uploader, I’ll add him to list. But if I miss you, leave a comment please.

More Colors and Areola/Nipple control to every character (completed)

All six of VR Hand Revolution games are patched for this.

I’ll update the S1 VR Comics when I have a chance. For now, the Succubus game is my priority.

For Maya, I’ve tried a wider blending on the pussy color.

This blending is not generated by program. It’s painted by hands on Photoshop, took me some efforts.

Any thoughts on this wider blending?

Some of creative mods from the gallery

Maya looks real nice like this.

These look like hulk women.

This one looks scary but ingenious.

Body Share uploads at 512×512/jpg90, Screenshot uploads at 1024×1024/jpg99. So, if the image is what you want, use the Screenshot feature.

One pity is that there are not enough users to click likes and make a good enough “most liked” gallery.

Later, I’ll add “browse by contributors” links in the web gallery to encourage you to use a nickname, and to promote frequent uploaders.

Recently I’ve heard from VRporn about adopting the gallery. Even if they adopt this, it’ll take a very long time. It’s their style to do everything slowly, cautiously.

Copy&Paste of Color and Body Mods

Jana/Faye/Aida is updated.  Other three VR Hand girls will be updated when they get more colors.

You’ll know how it works if you see this video.


Editing features are one of my obsessions because this is what I used to do in the game industry in my active days.

Undo/Redo is a little more involved than this. I’ll make them later when I have a moment.